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HIFU Ultraformer III

The high-intensity focused ultrasound, known as Ultraformer III HIFU, utilizes medical-grade radiation for surgery-free facelift and skin rejuvenation. The Ultraformer III HIFU is a 3rd generation medical-grade apparatus that offers higher power, almost and less discomfort, higher safety and better results for patients. It is the first non-invasive choice for facelift.

Which skin layers does the Ultraformer III HIFU target?

The high-intensity focused ultrasounds produced by this 7D HIFU machine target four different skin layers:

  1. SMAS lifting: 4.5 mm
  2. Dermal rejuvenation: 3 mm
  3. Droopy eyelids and puffy eyes: 2 mm
  4. Dermal lifting: 1.5 mm

How does the HIFU work for facelift?

The HIFU generates thermal effect at a specific degree; thermal coagulation is initiated that stimulates collagen fibers to become contracted and shorter in order to rejuvenate and lift skin.
The SMAS layer (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) is the targeted lifting area via a 4mm transducer. The SMAS supports the overlying skin. In fact, rhytidectomy also targets this layer to leave the facelift effect.
When the SMAS layer ages, the skin loses its elasticity. So, sagging skin and double chin appear. The SAMS stimulation and lifting via the HIFU apparatus can solve all these skin problems. Thermal energy at preselected depths of 1.5 and 3 mm causes collagen fibers to shrink; so, the skin is contracted, wrinkles disappear and a smooth skin appears.

The HIFU procedure is divided into two main phases:

  • Inflammation phase: At this phase, immediately after the procedure, blood clotting controls blood flow and results in uniform migration of epidermal cells.
  • Proliftrative phase: Forty-eight hours post treatment, fibroblasts are connected to the skin tissue, known as the granulation tissue, which is a new connective tissue formed on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process. This tissue tightens and forms new collagen.

Four cartridges with different penetration depths transfer the ultrasound energy directly to the multiple layers of the facial skin to tighten the collagen and renew it as a younger and stronger tissue. The 2 mm cartridge can affect slim and sensitive contours with a 2mm transducer with higher speed shots.

What facial parts are treated with Ultraformer III HIFU?

  • Forehead skin to lift brows
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Cheek skin
  • Neck skin to remove double chin
  • Eyelid lift
  • Wrinkles around lips
  • Neck wrinkles

Uses of Ultraformer III HIFU

The Ultraformer III HIFU is mostly known for neck and face lift and body counturing . It stimulates collagen and lifts the skin to create a natural looking appearance.
Depending on the settings of the HIFU machine, it can be used to melt facial fat for customers who desire skinner face shape while simultaneously lifting the skin in the targeted area. For example, it is effective for oval faces to decrease and treat double chin.
Puffy eye bags can also be removed with the 7D HIFU machine by decreasing the fat of the eyelid and lifting the under eyes.
The Ultraformer III HIFU is significantly effective in removing postpartum abdominal cellulite.

What should be noted when using the Ultraformer III HIFU?

The skin therapist will plan the treatment after consulting clients about the areas of the face and neck or body they want to lift.
The number and duration of sessions are determined by the size and number of areas to be treated. The length of each session may vary from 30 to 90 minutes.
Some mild redness may remain for several days after the treatment in some patients. The redness in treatment area is normal and it last for couple of hours.
The result is natural and appears 3 to 6 months after treatment. However, customers feel some skin tightness right after treatment. Booster treatments with the Ultraformer III may need to be repeated once a year to maintain the result.

Why Ultraformer III HIFU?

The Ultraformer III is a medical-grade HIFU and a 3rd generation machine which is more effective and causes less pain. It uses both micro and macro ultrasound technology.
The powerful HIFU transducers send focused ultrasonic wavelengths to various skin layers. In addition to face lift, it helps decrease wrinkles. Skin rejuvenation occurs through HIFU by renewing collagen and reducing facial wrinkles through targeting deeper skin layers and stimulation of neocollagenesis.
In addition to common transducers, the Ultraformer III HIFU is also equipped with a 2 mm transducer which can target unreachable areas of the skin. The 2 mm transducer is perfect for eye skin rejuvenation and provides more effective and specific treatments for areas under the eyes.
The Ultraformer III HIFU leaves no wounds or cuts on the skin and it is a quite non-invasive technology for facelift and skin rejuvenation. Facial skin remains intact using this apparatus and no needles, scalpels or cutting devices are used.

How is the Ultraformer III HIFU procedure?

First, a topical ultrasound gel will be applied to treatment area. The HIFU head is kept close to the skin and the shots are applied to the skin. It usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete the procedure.
Are the Ultraformer III HIFU results immediate?
The skin is lifted immediately after the treatment session. However, full results are seen one to three months post treatment.

Does the Ultraformer III HIFU work the same for all applicants?

The skin therapist can offer a suitable treatment plan for each patient to get the best skin lifting results. As the facial structure of people at different ages is different, the treatment should be planned according to the appearance and skin surface of each person to achieve the best results. The Ultraformer III HIFU can be adjusted to the depths of 1.5, 2, 3 and 4.5 mm from the skin.

Can I wear makeup after HIFU?

Positive. The skin is not damaged during the HIFU procedure and the device target the tissues under the skin. As the surface of the skin remains intact, you can wear makeup.

What should I expect after the HIFU procedure?

Threre is no downtime after HIFU treatments. Daily activities may be resumed upon procedure completion and no post-treatment care is required. Some swelling may normally occur after the procedure which typically heals within a few hours. If the procedure is deep and intense, swelling may remain for several days; but it will usually go away on its own.

How long do HIFU results last?

The Ultraformer III HIFU results continue to work for up to 12 months and repeated procedures may be needed every 9 to 12 months to maintain the results. Those who receive the HIFU procedure on a large area of skin are recommended to repeat the procedure every 4 to 6 months.

Are the results of Ultraformer III HIFU and rhytidectomy (Surgical facelift) the same?

In appearance, the HIFU procedure leaves better results and at the same time it is less invasive and does not cut or damage the skin.
In addition, the skin will appear more natural as the HIFU does not change the structure of facial features and muscles, and therefore facial expressions remain the same as before.
The HIFU machine is designed to rejuvenate those areas of skin affected by aging and it leaves a younger and more beautiful appearance.

Is it possible to use the HIFU with other skin rejuvenation techniques?

Positive. The HIFU skin rejuvenation can be combined with Botox to get better results. Botox helps rejuvenate the skin as it fills in areas that need more lifting or contouring but needs to be done 4 weeks after HIFU treatment.

How to get the best result from Ultraformer III HIFU?

As the HIFU device model is essential to achieving the best result, the skin therapist who performs the treatment for you is vital. It means only a qualified HIFU therapist can analyse the skin structure and choose the best practical setting dedicated to the skin.
Also, it’s critical to follow post-procedure aftercare to get the best result. A skin therapist should always hand over an aftercare instruction to achieve the best result. It’s vital to follow instructions for your best outcome. For example, the customers should protect their skin from UVA and UVB, damaging the skin and stopping collagens from being produced.  

Is Ultraformer III HIFU safe?

The Ultraformer III HIFU technology is quite safe and it has been used for medical treatments for decades.

Am I a suitable candidate for Ultraformer III?

In case of having facial wrinkles and feeling the need for skin rejuvenation and facelift, the Ultraformer III seems an ideal non-surgical solution. You are a suitable candidate for Ultraformer III if you do not have advanced diabetes and blood clotting disease and no active wounds on your skin.

Is the Ultraformer III HIFU painful?

Treatment with the Ultraformer III HIFU is non invasive, more comfortable compared to the oldest HIFU devices and ofcourse to surgical options. However, Given the special design of its transducer system, patients treated with Ultraformer III feel a little pain and discomfort. Following the treatment, the pain, swelling and discomfort will disappear within a few days at most.

What are the possible side effects of Ultraformer III HIFU?

Skin may appear red and inflamed for a few hours following the treatment. You may experience slight swelling for a few weeks following the treatment in case of targeting deeper skin layers. You might have a headache if you have a history of headaches and migraine, and if you have congested skin and a history of acne, you might have a temporary break out.

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