Microblading Facts: Tips, duration, pain and advantages (Price list, Before and After pics)

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Microblading Facts: Tips, duration, pain and advantages

Microblading refers to shading and symmetrizing eyebrows using an exceptionally fine tattoo pen and ink to shape the eyebrows and beautify the face.
Microblading is performed by trained experts using special tools to draw hair lines. In this method, several fine needles are tapped to add pigments to the skin. There is a difference between needles and the eyebrow standard blades because each hairline is created manually between the eyebrow hairs to appear as normal hairs.
Microblading is a method to create semi-permanent makeup in eyebrows that will seem thick and full after the procedure. The outcome is authentic and pleasing.


Microblading versus Micropigmentation

In eyebrow microblading, a pen to which the blade is attached is used. The blade consists of a row of needles giving it a shape of a comb by the pigment is entered into the skin as hatch lines. Compared to tattooing, the lines are natural and fine in this technique.

Microblading is performed at a higher level of the skin than micropigmentation; thus, it is painless and less durable but finer than micropigmentation. This technique is preferred by those who are seeking a stunning natural look. Tools used in these techniques differ so that a handheld engine-free pen is used for Microblading while a device pen with different needles and a cartridge is used in micropigmentation.
The hatch lines are thin and superficial in Microblading, giving a more natural look than hatches created by Micropigmentation.

Designing eyebrow in microblading

After checking the mentioned issues and the client's health, the desired eyebrow is designed on the face using a pencil, and then the design is modified according to the client's opinion. The best design is close to the natural form of eyebrows and does not affect the face's normal appearance. After confirming the form, the best color is chosen according to the face shape and color and the skin type with the client's cooperation. This technique can make the most beautiful changes and natural in the eyebrows with the least manipulation.


Microblading advantages

The hatch lines are created irregularly and unequally between eyebrow hairs, producing a more natural shape than other techniques.
Scratches created in this technique are superficially resulting in less bleeding.

Microblading contraindications

Microblading is contraindicated in pregnant women, those prone to a keloid scar, and people with an organ transplant. Inform the technician before the procedure in case of severe liver or viral disease such as hepatitis.

What should be known before microblading

Consult with a licensed technician before the microblading and provide him/her with your medical history, drugs used, and dermal sensitivity to get help for deciding to perform the procedure. Strictly avoid microblading during pregnancy or breastfeeding or when you suffer from an immune deficiency disease.
Microblading can be done at credible beauty salons, but always ensure the technician’s skill and specialty and the needles and tools sterility to be safe from microblading complications.


The pigments are inserted into the skin with a unique tool consisting of a row of a few needles. The technician selects the needle type according to the skin type. The pigments are inserted superficially below the epidermis to create some shades. Since the pigments apply in the eyebrow hairs' natural growth direction, the final results will seem natural. Generally, the procedure itself takes about 2 hours but consider an extra hour for numbing before the procedure and extra work if required.


Microblading durability

Microblading is usually performed on eyebrows to give them a shade or improve or modify them. In microblading, the pigment is inserted to the upper layer of the dermis, so that the pigments penetrate deeper and sooner to the dermis in comparison to tattooing. According to the skin type, microblading effects last for 6 to 12 months, after which the pigments have vanished.
Tips to be observed before microblading
•    Have a picture of your desired eyebrows. It is essential to select a color as close as your hair color.
•    Avoid aspirin, niacin, vitamin E, and ibuprofen 24 hours before microblading.
•    Avoid coffee, alcohol, energy drinks the day of microblading.
•    Avoid face waxing 2 to 3 days before microblading.
•    Avoid laser hair removal or skin chemical peeling two weeks before microblading.

•    Take a bath before microblading, because bathing may not be allowed for a few days.
•    Avoid omega-3 (fish oil) one week before microblading.
•    Avoid exposure to severe sunlight 3 days before microblading.

Tips to be observed after microblading
•    The eyebrow may be very dark, brightening by 30-40% soon.
•    You may feel burning and redness in the first week, you should be given a full after care instruction and appropriate products to use.  
•    Avoid activities that increase sweating and swimming, hot sauna, and hot tub after microblading.
•    Avoid laser and chemical peeling and any retin-A or glycolic acid containing ointments.
•    Avoid washing, sweating, and moisturizing the eyebrows for a few days.
•    Do not use cosmetics and face washing solutions and creams on the microblading site.
•    Never scratch the Microbladed eyebrows and the dried skin and let the dried skin to resolve gradually.
•    Do not sleep on your face for 10 days.
•    Avoid spicy food for one week.

Complications of microblading

In the first session, your body may reject the ink injected into the skin. Therefore, the ink may be rejected by 60-80% of the clients. During the first week, patients may experience scratch and redness that are normal. The microbladed area may seem dark, which will brighten by 30-40%. Apply the product only introduced by your technician after the procedure.

When to avoid microblading

•    Avoid microblading when you breastfeed your baby and when you will receive anesthetics.
•    Diabetes.
•    Serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, auto-immune disorders (consult your doctor in this regard).

•    Consult your doctor regarding microblading if you use drugs
•    When you have symptoms, burning, or skin disease in the area
•    Consult your doctor if you recently received Botox
•    Blood circulation disorders (consult your doctor)
•    Any hematologic disorder (Consult your doctor)
•    Do not perform microblading during pregnancy
•    When you receive blood thinners
•    After chemical peeling (wait for 2 weeks)
•    After epilation (wait for 3 days)
•    Fracture on the eyebrow area
•    Sunburn

Microblading duration

Microblading is not difficult and time-consuming, but since it deals with the face and beauty and should be performed relative to the face and its details, two hours should be spent to achieve a good outcome.


Microblading healing time

During the first seven days, the microbladed skin may itch, which is normal. Itching and inflammation can be soon resolved through proper care. The healing time varies in people according to the skin type from 14 to 30 days.

Microblading Touch-up

Touch-up should be performed 4 to 5 Weeks after the first microblading when the wound is healed. The microbladed eyebrows will be repaired in several steps. The pigments will be deposited and gain a normal state over time. Therefore, do not worry if pigments come out of the eyebrows after microblading and use sunscreen SPF 30 or 50 and avoid sunlight.

Microblading pain

Microblading is associated with slight pain, like tattooing; the pain depends on the individual's tolerance, and some people feel more pain. However, the pain is generally tolerable and can be reduced through local anaesthesia.

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