8 Simple but Effective Ways to Give Your Hair Volume

  • Updated October 20, 2022
  • by Honey Seida
Simple but Effective Ways to Give Your Hair Volume

After a prolonged period of using all kinds of materials and daily hair drying and straightening, our hair no longer retains the freshness and beauty of the past and keeps getting thinner and thinner. But how can you fix this widespread problem, which many people are struggling with these days? What solutions can bring us better and faster results? In this article, the best and most effective ways to grow thick hair have been discussed so that you can have the thick hair of your dreams.

1. Eat Right

The speed of hair growth depends on the internal parameters of the body such as healthy nutrition. Choose the right foods that are rich in iron, such as:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Beetroot leaves
  • Beans
  • Tofu

Rich sources of iron, biotin, and zinc help you to grow healthy hair. Biotin is found in bananas, beans, cauliflower, eggs, peanuts, lentils, and salmon.

Protein also helps to thicken your hair. You can get protein from chicken, lean red meat, eggs and poultry, nuts, whole grains, soybeans, seafood, and low-fat dairy products.

Experts also recommend cooking with coconut oil and olive oil. Avoid coffee, alcohol, and tobacco, and limit the consumption of processed foods. Drink plenty of water to have soft, tangle-free, flexible, and shiny hair.

2. Massage Your Scalp

Increased circulation can nourish the follicles in the scalp where the hair grows. Massaging is an easy, and enjoyable way to increase circulation.

Massaging the scalp on a regular basis stimulates the blood flow in the follicles and thickens sparse and thin hair. A few minutes before shampooing, put some hair strengthening oil (preferably light oils) on your fingertips and rub it on your scalp in circular motions.

3. Use the Right Shampoo

The first step to choosing the type of shampoo that is right for you is to determine whether your hair is dry or oily, and then choose the shampoo for your hair accordingly.

The shampoo for oily and thin hair gradually removes excess oil from the hair and scalp, and the shampoo for dry and thin hair moisturizes your hair well without weighing it down.

Major hair loss factors

If you have oily hair, you should probably shampoo it every day, and if you have dry hair, you can shampoo it less often. Hair volumizing shampoo is the best choice for thin and sparse hair. These shampoos clean and strengthen hair without causing hair loss.

In addition, they make your hair look thicker and fuller. Conditioners soften and untangle hair strands. Pay attention to the fact that the conditioner should be applied to the middle part of the stem and the ends of the hair. Avoid placing conditioners on the scalp; Because these products make the scalp oily and the hair heavy.

4. Lift the Roots of Your Hair

To make your hair look thicker, a root lift can be a good option. Blow dry your hair gently until there is only a little moisture left. Then apply the hair volumizing product on the roots to lift the hair while drying. This prevents the hair from sticking to the scalp.

You can also use electric curlers, curling irons, etc. to add volume to your hair at the roots. To prevent hair damage from the heat, use thermal hair protection products.

5. Use Hair Volumizing Products

New hair volumizing products increase the thickness of each strand of hair separately. These products can also increase the durability of the hair and are very suitable for thin hair, which tends to lose its shape quickly.

These volumizing products are remarkably diverse and include all kinds of lotions, mousse, sprays, and gels. Avoid using heavy conditioning creams (creams with a very oily base), heavy serums, face masks, gels, and strong waxes.

6. Try Wavy or Curly Hairstyles

Wavy hair does not really make hair thicker, but it does add volume to it. Use volumizing hair care products to cleanse and moisturize your hair in order to have healthy, wavy hair if you have naturally curly or wavy hair.

Divide your hair into two sections and weave. Then let your hair dry completely. Then open the hair weaves and slowly run your fingers through your hair. This will help your hair grow back.

7. Dye Your Hair

For two reasons, hair dye can be useful for thin hair. First, hair dye makes your hair look thick. For example, if you have black hair, your stylist will reduce the contrast between your hair and scalp by creating lighter highlights.

Best Ways to Give Your Hair Volume

Following the multi-dimensional technique, the hairdresser can create a moving appearance on your hair with two or three shades, for example, with a medium base by creating highlights (light colors) or lowlights (dark colors). However, do not lighten and bleach your hair too much as that will severely damage your hair.

8. Reduce Hair Dryer Temperature

In general, it is better to use lower temperatures to style your hair. Heat can make your thin hair brittle and dry and eventually cause it to fall out.  

Lower the temperature when using a hair dryer or straightener. The lower the temperature, the better for thin hair. Thin hair does not need a very high temperature to be styled anyway.

It is quite necessary to use hair heat protection products when using hair dryers, hair straighteners, and curlers. These materials create a protective layer between thin hair and the heat and friction caused by thermal devices.

Final Word

In this post, we learned about 8 home remedies for thick hair. Thinning hair is a problem that we all may experience at some point in our lives. Luckily, there are many options available if you are interested in dealing with the problem. Note that you have to be patient to get the best results.

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