What Is Cosmetic Tattoo?

  • Updated November 5, 2023
  • by Honey Seida

What Is Cosmetic Tattoo?

Cosmetic tattoo is a procedure where pigments are applied to the skin to enhance or mimic makeup, providing long-lasting color and natural-looking enhancements to features like eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.

Permanent eyebrow tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo Brows

Cosmetic tattoo for brows offers a range of services to give you fuller and more beautiful eyebrows. There are various types of eyebrow tattoos, including regular tattoos, eyebrow shadows (shadow tattoos), and eyebrow shading. Here, we will explore different methods of eyebrow tattooing and their unique benefits.

Traditional Eyebrow Tattoo

The traditional eyebrow tattoo method, although outdated, involves injecting dark colours deeper into the skin for a longer-lasting effect. However, this method often results in the loss of natural eyebrow shape and can be painful. Due to potential health concerns, this method is no longer recommended.

Micropigmentation for Eyebrow Tattoos

Micropigmentation utilizes thin hair needles to create hair-like strands in the eyebrows. The resulting lines have a natural appearance and are not bold or prominent. Unlike traditional tattoos, micropigmentation is a virtually painless procedure that minimizes bleeding. It prioritizes safety and hygiene by using disposable packages and tested colors.

Microblading for Eyebrow Tattoos

Microblading is a delicate tattoo technique that employs a hand tool with tiny blades to draw small, realistic hair-like strokes. This method produces highly natural-looking results. The microblading process is generally considered painless and provides a safe alternative for eyebrow cosmetic tattooing.

Applications of Cosmetic Tattoos

Preparing for Your Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo

Before undergoing an eyebrow cosmetic tattoo, it is essential to follow these guidelines:

  • Research and choose a reputable beauty salon.
  • Minimize exposure to UV rays and sunlight.
  • Avoid using medications that may irritate the skin.
  • Refrain from hair removal, waxing, or dying three days prior to the procedure.
  • Avoid skin cleansing procedures for up to two weeks before tattooing.
  • Refrain from intense physical activities on the day of your tattoo session.
  • Avoid Botox treatments for up to three weeks prior to your appointment.
  • Discontinue the use of fish oil or vitamin E tablets one week in advance, as they may have blood-thinning properties.

Aftercare for Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo

To ensure optimal healing and longevity of your eyebrow cosmetic tattoo, consider the following aftercare tips:

  • Avoid consuming alcohol for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure.
  • Steer clear of coffee or caffeinated beverages following your cosmetic tattoo.
  • Refrain from taking aspirin, Ibuprofen, or other blood-thinning medications to minimize the risk of bleeding.

By following these guidelines and choosing the right method for your preferences, you can achieve beautifully enhanced eyebrows that complement your unique features. Remember to consult with a professional to determine the most suitable eyebrow tattooing technique for you.

Lip Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo for Lips

Enhance your lips with the transformative power of cosmetic tattooing. Whether you're looking to correct asymmetry, add volume and colour, or restore the natural beauty of your lips, a cosmetic tattoo or lip line tattoo can work wonders. Here, we'll explore the benefits, techniques, longevity, and before-and-after care for this innovative procedure.

Understanding the Distinction: Lip Tattoo vs. Lip Line Tattoo

  • Lip Tattoo: Reshaping and Coloring the Entire Lip
  • Lip Line Tattoo: Accentuating and Highlighting the Lip Line

Benefits of Lips Cosmetic Tattoo

  • Colour, Shape, and Volume: Transforming Colourless Lips
  • Correcting Dark Lips: A Solution for Smokers
  • Countering the Effects of Aging: Restoring Lip Colour
  • Eliminating Asymmetry: Achieving Lip Symmetry
  • Lip Tissue Restoration: Addressing Accidents, Genetics, and Burns
  • Micropigmentation: Implanting Pigments for Color Fill
  • Shading: Creating Lip Symmetry and Shape with Dots and Powder

Permanent eyeliner

How Long Does Cosmetic Tattoo Last?

Cosmetic tattoos typically last one to five years before requiring touch-ups or refreshers. Factors affecting the longevity of cosmetic tattoos include:

  • Care After Cosmetic Tattoo: Proper aftercare is crucial for long-lasting results.
  • Time of Cosmetic Tattoo: It is advisable to avoid getting a cosmetic tattoo during menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation due to hormonal changes.
  • Beautician's Level of Skills: The skill level of the cosmetic tattoo artist, including their speed, accuracy, and certification, plays a role in the longevity of the tattoo.
  • Type and Amount of Pigment: The use of reputable and standard pigment brands, as well as the correct technique employed by the therapist, can significantly impact the lifespan of the cosmetic tattoo.

Cost of Cosmetic Tattoo

The price of a cosmetic tattoo depends on several factors, including the size of the tattoo design, the volume of the colour and the work needed for the tattoo, and the complexity or simplicity of the tattoo design.

eyeliner tattoo

Final Thoughts

Cosmetic tattoos come in many forms and have various applications. From one perspective, tattoos can be considered the only way to decorate, to show a person's affiliation with a particular group or belief, to seek diversity, permanent makeup, and so on; But from another perspective, tattoos can also be considered as a way to cover and eliminate various defects in different parts of our bodies in order to regain self-love and confidence.

At Brilliant Skin Australia, we take great pride in providing exceptional cosmetic tattoo services to our discerning clientele, particularly the younger generation who have embraced this popular cosmetic enhancement. Our team excels in the art of cosmetic tattooing, employing the latest techniques such as micropigmentation, shading, and hatching to deliver outstanding results. We spare no expense in equipping ourselves with top-of-the-line tools and materials, ensuring that our cosmetic tattoo work is nothing short of excellent.

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