Scalp Micropigmentation Sydney, Benefits, Aftercare and Cost

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Scalp Micropigmentation


Most people with thinning hair or hair loss are looking for a risk-free, non-aggressive solution to their annoying spot baldness. Their key question is whether or not scalp micropigmentation can treat their thinning hair problem. The answer is YES. This method can add to density with no need for other measures and shaving of the head.

What Is SMP?

SMP is an abbreviation for Scalp Micro Pigmentation is referenced as "Scalp Tattoo. SMP is very similar to traditional tattooing. It is a unique technique in many ways. Further, all strengths and weaknesses of this method will be mentioned.
SMP is a very complex method with guaranteed results. This method includes specialized equipment and techniques used to inject pigments into the head skin. Treatment quality depends on two factors:

  1. Using advanced equipment
  2. Getting your treatment from a skilled and experienced practitioner

How Does SMP Work?

SMP is a great technique to add natural-looking volume to the hair. Both men and women can equally benefit from great outcomes of this technique if it is implemented properly. The goal of SMP is to make hair fuller and correct hairlines. The hair length is not an important factor in this method; rather what matters is a precise and uniform distribution of hair.

As was mentioned, the type and severity of hair loss are not much important. What matters is to prevent you from getting disappointed and not visiting for consultation. This method can be helpful even for patients with large bald spots on the head.
First, the technician tailors the SMP pigment to your natural hair colour. Furthermore, a shade darker than your natural hair is used to make a natural and 3D illusion of both shade and appearance of your hair. It should be noted that each patient has unique needs, which are to be diagnosed by the doctor.

General SMP Steps

An SMP treatment is typically completed across 2-3 sessions. Below, an SMP procedure is described the process step-by-step:
The first session involves getting consultation from a skilled and experienced practitioner. Consultation is given face-to-face, or through phone or video calls so to allow you to talk with a specialist about your desired outcome and acquire necessary information.

After decision-making, you will be examined at the clinic. Our specialists help you to identify your problem and accordingly select the best method.

Then, a practical plan is developed and whatever is needed to achieve the goal and desired results will be examined.
Then, the practical process of the treatment begins. Experience has shown that it is better to be a little conservative in the first treatment session to achieve the desired outcome.

The first session is to lay the foundation of your new look. After the first treatment session, your scalp will be a little red, which will return to normal in 24 hours.
The second treatment session allows for more details and a darker shade than in the first session. This session is where your treatment comes to life, and your new look is perfected.
Sometimes, a third session may be needed at the request of the client to get a darker scalp. However, two sessions are generally enough to fill the mapping.

Scalp Micropigmentation in brilliant skin australia
Scalp Micropigmentation in brilliant skin australia

How Does SMP Conceal Thinning Areas?

This technique is applied in two modes:

  1. The first mode is when a client has short hair. In this mode, the client needs to shave first, and then the thinning areas are filled in with SMP.
  2. The second mode is when the client has long hair to conceal the thinning areas after SMP. In fact, hairs are spread on the head to give a natural look.

What Are SMP Post-Care?

Immediately after the procedure, your scalp needs specific care. Similar to every surgical procedure, you can accelerate the recovery process by following prescribed care instructions.

Short Term Care

  1. After SMP, tiny wounds where the needle pierced the skin will appear on the scalp. Under no circumstances should you touch your scalp. Your body heals these small wounds.
  2. Do not wash your head at least for three days.
  3. Do not work out or do any other activity that causes sweating and avoid sun exposure.
  4. You can use water to wash your head from the fourth day. But, do not use soap or shampoo to wash the SMP area.
  5. You can clean the treatment area after seven days. It is recommended to wash the scalp with a mild, gentle cleanser.
  6. In the first 30 days, it is vital to avoid UV exposure, severe sweating, or any harm to the scalp.

Long Term Care

Long term care needs the following considerations:

Try to avoid exposure to severe sunlight and UV exposure, or that use sun cream at least.
Customers may need touch-up depending on their skin type.

Disadvantages of SMP

SMP is a great and reasonable technique to add to hair density, but it has some drawbacks. Although its disadvantages may not dissuade the client, some of them are mentioned to make you aware of them:

Clients Cannot Change their Hair Style

At the beginning of the treatment, you can select your hairstyle after shaving your head (For a customer with a short hairstyle), and your SMP technician will perform SMP according to your request. In the counselling session, it is recommended to select the SMP style that allows for future changes.

Frequent Shaving (For Short Hair Customers)

You should shave your head every day or every two days. It depends on your hair growth. This can sometimes be frustrating, particularly when you want to leave home quickly while you find out that your hair has grown a little.

The best advice is to try different styles beforehand and find out the one that fits your look best. If you have time, try out an electric shaver too.

Unexpected Fading

In general, you need 2-3 SMP sessions to achieve a perfect look. You may need another session for examination and filling in the probable faded areas in 1-2 months. After about 3-6 years, the pigmentation will fade. The SMP process should be repeated every 4-6 years. However, this process may reduce in some people to 3 years.

SMP does not grow with the body, and thus, a touch-up treatment is needed.

Probable Complication

Pain: Despite medical advances, pain continues to exist. This technique is accompanied by pain for a few days after the operation.

What Are SMP Advantages?

  1. Long-term effects: This method has long-term effects. The minimum longevity of SMP is between 2-4 years, depending on your body's quality of care and physical conditions.
  2. Minimum care requires: The success of the SMP process depends only on the quality of the care. To maintain the radiance of the pigments, periodic examinations, timely touch-up of faded spots, and lubricating the scalp with oil can multiply the miraculous effects of this method.
  3. No downtime: Contrary to other hair restoration methods, the SMP procedure duration is short. No downtime, and the client can return to all daily routines immediately following the procedure.
  4. It is a non-aggressive procedure.
  5. There is a very low chance of infection.
  6. Specific tests and hospitalization are not needed.
Scalp Micropigmentation Advantages
Scalp Micropigmentation Advantages

What Preparations Needed before SMP?

No preparations are required. However, The pre-SMP will consider shaving the head for clients (Short hairstyle) to reveal the bald area for short hair customers.

Who Does Get Benefit from SMP? (For which hair types)

SMP is suitable for all skin colors, textures, and hair losses and thus is not limited to a specific group.
When it comes to the type of hair loss you have, diffuse thinning and female pattern hair loss are the ideal types of hair loss for SMP. This is because thinning hair with an intact hairline is the best-case scenario for SMP procedures. This lets specialists fill in these areas where there are thinning hair and bald patches.

Who Does Not Get Benefit Much from SMP?

SMP procedure is providing our clients with natural. Larger balding spots are not ideal to receive SMP for density because the areas that receive this treatment will be too noticeable if there are long hairs around the bald spots. However, this type of hair loss is ideal to receive a full SMP treatment, where the entire head is shaved.

Combining SMP and Hair Transplantation

Many hair transplant doctors refer their patients for SMP to enhance hair transplantation outcomes. SMP can work with your hair transplant as a hybrid, complimentary, and pre-planned procedure. With the combination of these two methods, the client can benefit from both hair transplantation and SMP. SMP can provide hair with real texture, thickness, and fullness.

SMP Longevity

The longevity of the SMP depends on the type of pigment used by the specialist, skin type, scalp fat, skin regeneration rate, age, and selected colour (dark and light). Generally, SMP has long longevity. The minimum longevity of SMP is between 2-4 years, depending on your body's quality of care and physical conditions. A touch-up treatment is needed when the hair tattoo is fading. On average, the SMP process should be repeated every 4-6 years. However, this process may reduce in some people to 3 years.

How Long Does Each SMP Session take?

Each SMP session can take 2-4-hour, and a full head SMP can take up to 2-4 sessions to complete


The cost of SMP depends on the size of the treatment area. The cost is determined after the consultation session. You can see our price list here.

Scalp Micropigmentation FAQs

How many sessions of treatment are needed for scalp micropigmentation?

Most clients can expect between 2 and 4 sessions of scalp micropigmentation, depending on the extent of hair loss or scarring. These treatments are usually 10 to 20 days apart.

How long does scalp micropigmentation take?

Scalp micropigmentation usually takes between 2 to 4 hours per session, depending on the amount of hair loss.

Is scalp micropigmentation detectable?

Scalp micropigmentation has become an effective solution for hair loss due to its natural and indistinguishable results.

Will I need to rest after this treatment?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that does not require time to rest. After treatment, you may have slight redness on your scalp for 2 to 3 days. This redness will go away quickly, and there is no cause for concern.

Is scalp micropigmentation permanent?

This treatment usually lasts 4 to 6 years.

Can scalp micropigmentation cover scars?

The answer is yes. By proliferating tiny hair follicles inside the scar and combining the color around it, you can see a dramatic improvement in their concealment.

Is scalp micropigmentation painful?

The pain is very low and less painful for most clients than for traditional tattoos.

Can I wear a hat after scalp micropigmentation treatment?

Yes, you can use a hat after the scalp micropigmentation treatment is completed.

Can I go to the pool, sauna, or steam room after my scalp micropigmentation treatment?

It is recommended to avoid going to chlorinated pools, saunas, steam rooms, and tanning for 28 days after the last session of scalp micropigmentation.


Services PRICE
first touch up Frontal quarter Head / Small Area $250
first touch up Full Head $600
first touch up Half Head / large crown center $450
first touch up Small/medium crown center $350
Frontal quarter Head / Small Area $1500
Full Head $4,500
Half Head / large crown center $3,000
second touch up Full Head $400
second touch up Frontal quarter Head / Small Area $150
second touch up Half Head / large crown center $350
second touch up Small/medium crown center $250
Small/medium crown center $2,000
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