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The EM Sculpt technology is used for slimming, tightening, fat-burning, and building muscles purposes. We are using this professional device for customers who want the latest and most effective non-invasive body contouring methods for their bodies.
Body contouring using EM Sculpt technology can both build muscle and burn fat at the same time. The electromagnetic pulses cause intense muscle contractions and force the muscle tissue to activate, resulting in muscular growth while lipolysis burns fat.


The HIEMT Device

The HIEMT device (High-Intensity Electromagnetic Training device) continuously induces the contraction of body muscles and the performance of intense exercises to transform the internal structure of the muscles profoundly. For instance, the growth of muscle fibres (muscle enlargement) and the production of new protein chains and muscle fibres (muscle hyperplasia) result in increased muscle density and volume.

Intensive contraction (100%) of the muscle by the HIEMT device can stimulate a significant volume of the fat and its degradation, detachment of fatty acids from triglycerides, and their accumulation in fat cells. The concentration of fatty acids is high and hence destructs the fat cells removed by the body's regular metabolism in a few weeks. Therefore, the device can increase muscle volume and simultaneously decrease fat.

The system does not heat up due to the persistent freezing technology, resulting in very high performance. Other electromagnetic wave devices operate at a frequency of 2.5-3.0 Tesla. In comparison, EM Sculpt operates at a frequency of 7 Tesla, resulting in impressive results for bodybuilders and those looking to lose body fat.

In 30 minutes, the impact of high-power electromagnetic technology is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or squats; however, it is simpler than sport exercises and does not require sweating, resulting in fat loss and muscle growth. In addition, the treatment is fast and can be done when you are sleeping.


EM Sculpt Advantages

•    Latest technology for building the body contouring
•    Painless treatment, highly tolerable
•    Short treatment time and comfortable
•    Precise fat burning and muscle building control
•    No need for muscle recovery
•    Fat reduction, averagely 30%
•    Muscle growth, averagely 25%
•    Abdominal fat reduction, averagely 19%

What is EM Sculpt Technology?

EMT is an FDA-approved system that allows for non-invasive muscle building in just a few 30-minute sessions, resulting in immediate and long-lasting muscle shaping. It also breaks down fat cells.


EMT mechanism

The EMT system produces intense muscle contractions that are impossible to achieve by voluntary contractions.
The muscle tissue is pressed and therefore destructed as it is subjected to a muscular contraction. The body then adjusts to these conditions, and the muscle starts to reconstruct, resulting in further muscle growth profoundly.

Which area of the body will have the maximum result using EM Sculpt device?

The best areas to use the system are the abdomen and buttocks. EMT strengthens the abdominal muscles while also reducing fat. It also can form and expand the buttocks. However, efficient shaping increase muscles around thighs, arms, and shank.  


What are the outcomes of EM Sculpting? 

In most cases, Abdominal fat permanently decreased by 19-23 per cent, and abdominal muscles expanded by 16 per cent. As a result, the buttocks can lift around 4-4.5 centimetres. The mid-section of the buttocks can boost as well.


When can the outcomes be observed?

Good results typically appear 2 to 4 weeks after the last treatment, and you will see the progress in your body a few weeks later. In three months, the result will be at its highest.


Stability of EM Sculpting outcomes

According to research, muscle effects will last a year or more after the first four sessions, and fat loss results are permanent if a healthy diet follows the treatment.


What do you feel during the treatment session?

This method is similar to a strenuous workout. During the procedure, you should lie down and remain calm. That is why it has been defined as heartbeats. The device's power can be adjusted to make you feel comfortable, but it is always tolerable.


How long does a treatment session last?

Each session is only 30 minutes long. It is recommended that four sessions be performed for a recovery course planned over two weeks (2 sessions per week).


Am I a proper candidate for the EMT Sculpting?             

All will benefit from the system if they want to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

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