What Is Sonophoresis?

  • Updated December 23, 2023
  • by Honey Seida
Ultrasound Skincare Infusion

In this post we will be focusing on and advances skin care method known as sonophoresis or ultrasound skincare infusion.

What Is Sonophoresis?

The most important function of our skin is to act as an obstacle or barrier. Our skins are made to keep harmful substances outside the body and good and useful stuff inside. But sometimes eating the right nutrients may not be enough, as the skin is often the last organ to receive the benefits of the food consumed, and the first organ where any imbalance will show up.

On the other hand, natural hormones have the ability to damage the skin and disrupt its chemical balance, so sometimes it is necessary to use an exogenous skin supplement. But when the skin is a barrier to the entry of any substance, how can skin care reach the deeper layers of the skin where it can be effective? - This is exactly where Ultrasound infusion or sonophoresis comes into play.

Sonophoresis Nourish the skin

Benefits of Ultrasound Infusion

Ultrasound infusion helps to drive active ingredients that are essential to provide optimum skin health into the deeper layers of the skin. Ingredients such as Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, and Peptides are necessary to nourish skin cells.

By introducing serums and active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin, sonophoresis can help to:

  • Increase cell energy
  • Increase product penetration
  • Reduce inflammation and protect skin against damage
  • Inhibit collagen depletion
  • Protect against free radical damage
  • Increase cell turn over
  • Increase hydration and prevent moisture loss
  • Nourish skin at a cellular level

Ultrasonic treatment may be included in a facial treatment program in place of, or before a traditional massage, or at the end of the treatment. It may also be used as a stand-alone treatment for areas of concern or combined with other appropriate treatments.

Sonophoresis Body Treatments

Sonophoresis body treatments enhance body contouring results and improve the appearance of cellulite and loose skin. By stimulating collagen production, ultrasound skincare infusion therapy compliments other skin tightening treatments offered in our clinic. Ultrasound skincare infusion for the purposes of body contouring can be performed on a regular basis.

Ultrasound infusion therapy

How Does Sonophoresis Work?

  • Sonophoresis uses sound waves to help skincare materials penetrate deeper into the skin.
  • It creates temporary breaks in the fat layers of the skin.
  • Active nutrients fill the spaces between skin cells.
  • Sound waves transport the active nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Skin permeability can be increased up to 800%.
  • The sound waves used are outside the range of human hearing.
  • Ultrasound creates biological responses, chemical reactions, thermal effects, and mechanical responses.
  • Enhanced chemical reactions promote skin healing.
  • Sonophoresis increases the transfer of fluids and nutrients into the skin tissues.

Ultrasound infusion therapy

What Does Ultrasound Infusion Feel Like?

A metal wand is used to guide ultrasound into the skin. A humming noise is heard and a feeling of quiet vibration is felt. The wand actually works like a therapeutic facial massage as it is moved gently over the face and neck. Special focus is on areas of concern such as around the mouth, forehead, and damaged areas or breakouts. The skin may redden a little during and after the treatment, but there is no cause for alarm as this will usually be resolved naturally within an hour.

Ultrasound skincare Infusion Benefits

Future of Sonophoresis

Sonophoresis, the use of ultrasound for drug delivery, holds promising potential in various areas such as transdermal heparin delivery, glucose monitoring, cutaneous vaccination, and more. In the future, ultrasound-infused skin patches could become the norm, offering a range of groundbreaking technologies and products in fields like genetic engineering and biotechnology.

Sonophoresis Contraindication

Contraindication of Ultrasound Infusion

Precautions and contraindications of ultrasound skincare infusion of sonophoresis include:

  • Heart problems / pacemaker
  • Implants (metal, silicone, saline)
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Cancer
  • Infection
  • Acute and post-acute injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Impaired sensation

Increasin collaen production

Before and After Sonophoresis

For better results, before the treatment, the skin needs to be well hydrated as a lack of moisture can impede the transfer of sound via the sonophoresis machine. Using a warm, moist towel for about ten to fifteen minutes or a special water-based gel can help with the rehydration of the skin before sonophoresis.
Once the treatment is completed, applying a special dressing will help to keep the skin hydrated. it will also help to keep the medicine or serum in contact with the skin for further absorption.

Ultrasound infusion treatment

Final Word

Ultrasound skincare infusion or sonophoresis in Brilliant Skin Australia is a complementary therapy to any facial treatment and can be used to combat any skin concerns using active serums and skincare products. In short, sonophoresis enhances the therapeutic benefits of serums and can be useful in treating problems such as aging, acne, redness, or pigmentation.

Sonophoresis FAQs

Is ultrasound skincare infusion painful?

Sonophoresis or ultrasound skincare infusion is a non-invasive and painless procedure.

When can I see the results of the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, your skin will start to glow and look radiant, the complete results however will come once the serum has been completely absorbed into the cells.

What is the difference between sonophoresis and iontophoresis?

The key difference between the two is that iontophoresis uses voltage to deliver products or medicine to the skin while sonophoresis takes advantage of ultrasound infusion technology.

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