Why Does My Skincare Pill?

  • Updated August 11, 2022
  • by Honey Seida
Skincare Pill

What Does Pill Mean in Skincare?

It must have happened to you that when you put on your makeup or skincare, it looks perfect, but what happens to it after a few hours is definitely an abomination. What happens to this beautiful and perfect makeup after a few hours? Why do you have to see the powder cream wear off, the mascara fall, and the eye shadow fade? This is skincare pilling, that is when product wears off and turns into small balls on your skin that look anything but pretty.  

No need to panic though. By following a few tips and changing your makeup routine, you can increase the longevity of your skincare product and prevent it from wearing off and pilling during the day. In this article, we have tried to provide you with solutions to help you to keep your makeup fresh and beautiful throughout the day like in the early hours of doing it.

Why Do Products Pill on My Face?

First, let us focus on the reasons that lead to your product wearing off and pill during the day:



If you live in a place where the weather is generally hot or humid, it can be a struggle to keep your makeup or skincare product on throughout the day; Now add sweating to the things we just said! Over time, excessive sweat and heat will cause skincare pilling, especially in the case of the cream powder on your face, and finally, your makeup or skincare may fade and disappear faster than you think. In hot regions, this problem can also happen to sunscreens.

Oily Skin

Oily Skin

The natural sebum that your skin produces during the day can make the makeup pill. Therefore, we recommend choosing the correct skin care routine and following it diligently.

Wrong Cosmetic Products

Yes! Not every product is suitable for every skin type, and you should consider this when buying your skincare material. Our advice to you is to first know your skin type and discover its needs and then buy a product that goes well with your facial skin and does not pill.

Preventing Skincare Pilling

Now that you are familiar with the main reasons why your skincare products are pilling, let us focus on how we can prevent this from happening.

Proper Foundation

The first thing you should consider in order to have long-lasting skincare and makeup and prevent it from pilling is applying the correct and basic foundation before applying your skincare product(s).

Facial Cleansers

Facial Cleansers

It is true, it may seem simple and unimportant at first, but we suggest that you wash your skin well with a suitable product before using skincare. Unfortunately, neglecting to clean the skin properly, in addition to causing the skincare products to pill and wear off, can also cause the accumulation of bacteria, dead skin cells, blackheads on the cheeks and nose, excess skin fat, sweat, and dirt.  

Using the right cleanser for your skin type, in addition to keeping your skin healthy and clean, can help you prevent your skincare from pilling.

So, by now, we know that if we do not wash our skin well before applying skincare, fats and pollution will cause the product to pill during the day.


Another way to properly prime your skin is to use a proper exfoliator to get rid of any dry skin and scaly areas on your face. Therefore, we suggest exfoliating your skin once a week.  

After observing the above, which is washing with a suitable product and exfoliating to a certain extent, the last step is to use a suitable moisturizer as the proper foundation for the skin before applying skincare products.



Keeping the skin hydrated creates a smooth and uniform surface for applying skincare, and over time, prevents it from wearing off and pilling into unpleasant balls. We suggest applying your moisturizer 30 minutes before applying skincare.

Also, try to apply your sunscreen after your moisturizer and give it a few minutes to absorb into your skin and then continue with the next steps.


We recommend preparing your skin with a hydrating primer. Make sure that you do not use too much. Just put a pea-sized amount of primer on your finger and gently spread it on your face. Make sure to apply the primer well and evenly on your face to prevent skincare products from pilling.

Powders and Concealers

Powders and Concealers

One of the most common causes of makeup and product pilling is the incorrect way of applying products such as cream powders and concealers.

We suggest that you look for products that are fat-free and are specifically promoted as having long-lasting results as this will lower the possibility of product pilling to a great extent.

When it comes to applying powders and concealers to hide the fine lines and wrinkles, remember less is always better. Therefore, try to use less material and cream. If you need more of these products anywhere on your face, we recommend that you start with a small amount and then add layers to it, but first allow each layer to dry thoroughly.

Another point to remember is to be careful when spreading cream powder on your face and using concealers. It does not matter if you do it with a makeup brush or a sponge, the important thing to remember is to patiently spread the product evenly on the skin to avoid product pilling.


Another key point in preventing products from wearing off and pilling is using stabilizers. According to your needs, you can use setting powders and setting sprays or both in your makeup and skincare products.

Using a good stabilizing or setting spray will also help you to keep your skin moisturized, in addition to making your skincare product last longer and preventing it from pilling.

Final Word

Remember that your skin type is especially important in determining what has to be done to prevent product pilling and that products are not supposed to stay on your face for 24 hours without changing or cleansing. By following the tips and tricks offered here, you can increase the longevity of your makeup and skincare products throughout the day and prevent them from pilling and wearing off.

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