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  • Updated September 11, 2022
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10 Steps of Korean Skincare

We all favour beautiful and healthy skin with a special glow when we take a look in the mirror. unfortunately, though, this is not always the case. Our skin changes just like our moods and emotions; sometimes it is smooth and beautiful and sometimes it is excited and inflamed, but what can we do to have clear and beautiful skin every single day? One answer is by following a 10 step Korean skincare routine.

Korean skin care routine can fully hydrate, strengthen and protect the skin as well as addressing its underlying problems. But what are Korean skincare steps? We invite you to keep on reading this article to find out.

What is Korean Skincare Routine?

Korean skincare routine has become quite popular almost everywhere. The reason for this is the immediate results it provides in the safest way possible. This goes back to the philosophy of Korean skincare, which says that the skin should be treated in the gentlest way and that it should be cleaned and taken care of using natural materials.

The secret to having great skin as Koreans do is to follow the Korean skincare 10 steps. So, without further ado, let us see what these steps actually are.

Korean Skincare 10 Steps

The philosophy of gentle Korean skincare is to treat the skin with natural ingredients. In general, Korean people often use this method to clean and protect their skin. The 10 steps include the following:


The first step in Korean skincare includes cleansing the skin of any type of pollution. These pollutants are absorbed in the makeup on the face that is rubbed on the skin during the day and thus enter the skin pores. In this first step, an oil-based product should be used to clean the face of makeup and pollution.

Eye makeup should also be removed. Natural oils are typically used. If you are not allergic to these oils, they can be the safest products available. Besides cleaning the skin, they also moisturise it.


Cleaning the skin does not end with the first step because there may still be some pollution hidden in the pores and depths of the skin, so you should use a product that can help to clean the skin deeper.

In Korean skincare, after cleaning the skin from all kinds of makeup and pollution, it should be washed with a water-based product. In fact, this washing completes the previous step and prepares the skin to be able to absorb other products.

To completely clean the skin, you can use mild soaps, washing gel, or foam. Apply the product to the skin, and after a little massaging and covering all the areas, rinse it off. At this stage, the impurities hidden in the pores of the skin, such as environmental pollution, sebum, sweat, etc., are well removed, and the pH of the skin is also adjusted.


Scrubbing or exfoliation is another step in a Korean skincare routine. At this stage, by using a suitable scrub for the skin, all impurities including dead cells, factors that cause acne, and all types of blackheads and whiteheads are removed.  

It is not a good idea to use the Korean skincare scrub on a daily basis because it makes the skin sensitive due to the loss of its surface layer, but it is necessary to do it 2-3 times a week. If you have sensitive skin though, once a week would be enough. Continuous exfoliation will also open the pores of the skin and brighten it, as well as allowing the skin to breathe well.

Benefits of Korean Skincare
Benefits of Korean Skincare

Korean Skincare Toner

Usually, toners in Korean skincare brands are slightly different from other brands in terms of formulation because they are composed of natural extracts and are extremely gentle and compatible with the skin. Gently massage some of the toner on your skin using a cotton pad and let it penetrate the skin. The Korean skincare toner hydrates and removes the dryness of the skin and prepares it for the next step.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are composed of nutrients, and their main task is to deeply hydrate the skin. It is true that the toner moisturises the skin in the previous stage, but with the use of essential oils, the skin is saturated with moisture and its dryness will be completely removed. It also helps to retain moisture in the skin.

In addition, it contains anti-aging and strengthening ingredients. Spray a small amount of the essential oil on your hand and gently apply it to your face and neck skin.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are also immensely popular in Korean skincare due to their ease of use and nutritious properties, which are used for more hydration and absorption of nutrients needed by the skin.

The sheet mask allows the pores of the skin to open well so that the nutrients are absorbed by the skin cells to help to repair the damaged cells. Some sheet masks are suitable for daily use and others 2-3 times a week. 


Serums are also composed of essential ingredients and vitamins (such as vitamins E, A, and C) to help to solve skin problems. They are usually light and quickly absorbed by the skin. Serums contain collagen and elastin and penetrate deep into the cells. They help to tighten the skin and increase its elasticity.

If you have a particular problem with your skin, you can use specialized serums, for example, anti-aging or anti-acne serums. These types of serums have more special ingredients. Serums also help a lot with lightening the skin colour.

Korean Skincare Moisturiser

At this step, you need to use a moisturiser, otherwise, all the moisture that has been absorbed from the previous products will just evaporate. The goal in this step of Korean skincare is to preserve the moisture and nutrients received by the skin in the previous steps.  

These Korean skincare creams are also highly effective in maintaining the health of the skin and solving all kinds of skin problems. If you perform Korean skincare procedures at night and use moisturizing night creams, due to being heavy and oily, they will stay on the surface of the skin and this helps the skin to regenerate itself well. If you use a day cream, the facial skin will be ready to apply sunscreen or powder with fast absorption.

Korean Skincare Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is also important like other areas of the face and should be taken care of. In the 10 steps of Korean skincare, one step is dedicated to this area of ​​the face. Care is usually observed using products such as eye cream, gel, or serum.  

Eye cream is also used to provide more moisture, and by having anti-wrinkle ingredients, it can prevent them from reappearing. Specialized eye area products are also able to eliminate darkness and puffiness around the eyes and protect them against harmful environmental factors.


Usually, the last step in Korean skincare when you do it in the morning is to apply sunscreen. Remember that the skin of your hands is also particularly important, especially if you are constantly washing and exposing them to harsh materials or sunlight during the day, which will cause the skin to lose moisture and dry out.

Final Word

Korean skincare is a hot topic these days and everyone is looking to learn more about it for a good reason. As you may know, Koreans are known for having smooth and flawless skin. They must be doing something right. That something is proper diet and skincare.

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