Electromagnetic Body Sculpting

  • Updated September 20, 2022
  • by Honey Seida
Electromagnetic Body Sculpting

Electromagnetic body sculpting is one of the newest, safest, and most effective non-invasive body sculpting techniques that is used both to reduce fat and to shape muscles.

Body sculpting using the Electromagnetic technology can be performed on any part of the body that needs to be sculpted or shaped, including the arms, thighs, abdomen, love handles, back, and buttocks, without the need for surgery and rest and without any pain.

The results of body sculpting via the Electromagnetic procedure are immediate and effective fat reduction, and muscle toning can be enhanced with a few body sculpting sessions (usually 4-6) to make the process more lasting.

The only available method that builds muscle and at the same time removes fat is Electromagnetic body sculpting. This systematic process helps to create safe and lasting results for men and women to achieve their fitness goals without having to spend hours and hours in the gym.

The overall benefits of Electromagnetic body sculpting make it one of the newest and fastest cosmetic procedures in Australia.

How Does Electromagnetic Body Sculpting Work?

The Electromagnetic body sculpting device continuously induces the contraction of body muscles in order to transform the internal structure of the muscles in a big way. Through body sculpting with this technique, the growth of muscle fibres (muscle enlargement) and the production of new protein chains (muscle hyperplasia) result in increased muscle density and volume.

Intensive contraction (100%) of the muscle by the Electromagnetic body sculpting can stimulate a significant volume of the underlying fat and its consequent degradation, detachment of fatty acids from triglycerides, and their accumulation in fat cells.

The concentration of fatty acids is usually relatively high, and hence with their destruction, the fat cells will be removed by the body's regular metabolism in a few weeks. Therefore, the Electro magnetic body sculpting can increase muscle volume and simultaneously decrease fat.

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Final Word

The impact of high-power electromagnetic technology use in body sculpting procedure in only 30 minutes is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or squats; but clearly, it is much easier than sports exercises and does not lead to sweating; resulting in fat loss and muscle growth. In addition, Electromagnetic body sculpting is fast and can be done even when you are sleeping!


Is the fat loss permanent with Electromagnetic body sculptt?

The results of Electromagnetic body contouring are permanent. Treated fat cells in your body are not going to be replaced. You will not regain the fat in the treated areas. But to prevent fat from spreading to other parts of the body, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Why do I gain weight after Electromagnetic body sculpting?

Due to poor diet, high stress, pregnancy, and even hormonal fluctuations, among other reasons, you may gain weight after Electromagnetic body sculpt. To maintain a good body shape, it is essential to follow a healthy diet.

Should I eat protein after Electromagnetic body sculpting?

It is a good idea to plan so that you can consume between 20 and 30 grams of protein immediately after your body sculpting session. Protein not only helps your muscles get bigger and bigger but also reduces pain. Remember, just because you do not lift weights at the gym does not mean that your muscles have not trained hard.

Does Electromagnetic body scluptt help to build abdominal muscles?

The short answer is yes. Electromagnetic body sculpting can help you strengthen your abdominal muscles as it breaks down fat and increases muscle tone. This 1way, body sculpting allows you to expose the abdominal muscles hidden by layers of fat.

Which area of the body will show the maximum result after the Electromagnetic body scupting?

The best areas to use the system on are the abdomen and buttocks. Electromagnetic body sculpting strengthens the abdominal muscles while also reducing fat. It can also form and expand the buttocks. Efficient shaping will increase muscle sizes around thighs, arms, and forelegs.

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