HIFU side effects - Everything you need to know

  • Updated April 15, 2023
  • by Honey Seida
HIFU Side Effects - Everything You Need to Know

HIFU treatment is one of the best non-invasive methods for rejuvenating, lifting, and removing wrinkles on the skin of the face, neck, and body. A safe and uncomplicated method that has the same effects as a difficult lift surgery; But it does not have any of its problems.

The non-invasiveness of HIFU means that there are no stitches, incisions, wounds, anesthesia, etc. However, any treatment may have side effects. In this post, we will be taking a look at the rare side effects of HIFU treatment and then focus on the advantages and disadvantages of this method. We will be trying to answer your most frequently asked questions as well.

Side Effects of HIFU Treatment

With medical advances, especially in the field of skin and hair rejuvenation, many treatment methods are offered to rejuvenate, beautify, and improve the appearance of the skin in all kinds of medical centers, and clinics. The wide variety of rejuvenation methods makes it difficult to choose the right one for you.

At Brilliant Skin Australia, we have always tried to offer our clients the best treatment methods for them ensuring the highest quality. HIFU side effects are limited and rare. This treatment method is so quick and painless that it has become known as "Lunchtime Facelift" in some countries. It means it involves so little trouble that you can do HIFU treatment on a working day during your lunch break and then return to work.

The reason why HIFU is less complicated and less troublesome is that the basis of its work is the same as what is used in ultrasound machines; That is, the use of ultrasound waves. Ultrasound is the safest method of medical imaging. HIFU is basically the same and is considered one of the safest methods of lifting and rejuvenating the skin.

HIFU Side Effects - Everything You Need to Know

Redness of the Skin

In the conducted research and surveys, reddening of the skin is the most common complication among the side effects of HIFU treatment. The redness is caused by the body's natural reaction to sound waves. This complication is mostly seen when the patient has sensitive skin or is prone to redness. You've probably noticed that some people's skin simply turns red. If your skin is like this, you are more likely to experience redness after HIFU treatment. Redness of the skin is one of the temporary HIFU side effects and usually disappears within a few hours after the treatment session.

Swelling of the Skin

Another possible side effect of HIFU treatment is swelling of the skin, which is rarely observed; But since different people's skin reacts differently to the treatment, this complication may happen to anyone.
These HIFU side effects usually disappear within a few days, and then you can enjoy the wonderful results of HIFU treatment.


Hyperpigmentation (increasing skin pigments or skin darkening) is another possible side effect of HIFU treatment but is exceedingly rare. The cause of this complication is still not completely clear and in addition to HIFU, it can also be seen in laser therapy. It seems that the darkening of the skin is due to the increase in the temperature of the more superficial layers up to 60 degrees Celsius. Although the HIFU treatment device is made in such a way that it only targets the desired tissues, there are reports of this incident.

In order to prevent hyperpigmentation, if needed, we will take a patch test from you. In this test, a small part of the skin is subjected to HIFU treatment in order to measure the skin's reaction to this treatment method.

Poor Results or No Results

Sometimes, in people who undergo HUFI treatment, neither positive effects nor any side effects are observed after the treatment session. Although we are happy about the absence of side effects, the lack of positive effects in the facelift, especially the removal of wrinkles, will make us sad. In about 10% of patients, little or no changes are observed.

The effects of HIFU treatment is different in different for each client. It should be noted that sometimes the results of rearrangement and reconstruction of collagen fibers in deep layers do not affect the appearance and surface condition of the skin. Collagen fibers are responsible for creating the consistency of the skin and are the components that resist the earth's gravity and sagging of the skin.

The effect of HIFU treatment on your skin can be predicted to a good extent during the consultation session however, and if you are not a suitable candidate for this treatment method, we will suggest you choose other treatment methods to get the best results.

Final Word on HIFU Side Effects

All facial and body beautification treatments come with a number of possible side effects. However, most of the side effects of HIFU treatment are mild and temporary, and the possibility of severe side effects is incredibly low.

Since HIFU treatment has been used as a skin rejuvenation, lifting, and tightening method, a large number of studies and clinical research have been conducted on it. Fortunately, HIFU passed all the tests and is now considered one of the beautification methods approved by the FDA. HIFU side effects are not common and never lead to serious complications.

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