Carbon Laser Treatment

  • Updated February 17, 2023
  • by Honey Seida
Carbon laser treatment is suitable for all skin types

What Is Carbon Laser Treatment?

Carbon laser treatment or soft peeling is a skin cleansing method that is completely painless and works almost immediately. Carbon laser peeling is especially useful for people who have oily skin or complain about blackheads, open pores, acne, and skin dullness.  

Carbon laser peeling is one of the best treatments available for those who want to immediately improve the appearance of their skin. In Hollywood, many celebrities undergo carbon laser treatment is used before going on the red carpet. For this reason, carbon peeling is also called Hollywood peeling.

How Does Carbon Laser Treatment Work?

You can easily restore clarity, freshness, and youth to your skin with carbon laser treatment. For carbon peeling, a thin layer of liquid carbon (medical carbon or activated carbon) is applied to your skin by a dermatologist. This carbon layer penetrates deep into the pores of the skin and after a short period of time, the laser is performed.

Laser light is strongly absorbed by carbon particles, and when the laser beam is passed over the carbonized area, it destroys the carbon and along with it destroys dead skin cells, waste materials, and skin fat, without causing any pain.

Advantages of Carbon Laser Peeling

What Are the Benefits of Carbon Laser Treatment?

Carbon laser peeling does the following four main tasks:

1- Cleaning:

Carbon can absorb fat and waste products deep in the pores of the skin, and then the laser destroys the carbon particles and the skin is thoroughly cleansed.

2- Exfoliation:

By targeting carbon by laser, dead skin cells and blackheads are removed from the surface of the skin, and exfoliation is performed. With carbon laser treatment the skin becomes clearer and its pores are closed.

3- Removing Acne & Reducing Sebum:

The heat generated by carbon peeling destroys acne-causing bacteria and causes sebaceous glands to accumulate. As a result, carbon laser treatment reduces the oil production in the skin.

4- Rejuvenation:

In carbon laser peeling, the deep layers of the skin are also targeted and collagen production is stimulated.

The Number of Sessions Required

The number of carbon laser peeling sessions required depends on the extent of complications and problems observed in the skin; But in general, and in the majority of cases, 3 to 5 treatment sessions, with intervals of 2 to 3 weeks, will guarantee long-term improvement in your skin. With proper skin care, the results of carbon laser treatment will last for months.

Carbon Laser Treatment Aftercare

Here are some dos and don'ts after carbon laser peeling:

  • Keep in mind that the redness of the skin after the treatment is temporary and may last an hour or so.
  • It is normal for your face to feel flaky or dry for a few days after exfoliation. So, use moisturisers regularly.
  • Use sunscreen with at least SPF 30+ regularly for a few days after the treatment.
  • Do not use products containing retinol for at least five days after the treatment.
  • Avoid scrubs or any abrasive skin treatments for at least a week after carbon laser treatment.
  • If you have oily skin, use anti-acne creams to maintain optimal results.
  • If your skin is loose or has fine lines, use products containing collagen. You can also follow a collagen-boosting diet.

Side effects of Carbon Laser Treatment  

Carbon laser peeling performs exfoliation in a gentle way and will not result in any complications or downtime. The use of a laser will not have any adverse side effects on the skin. Some red or brown spots may appear on the skin, which will disappear after a few days. However, if your skin is super sensitive, there is a possibility of wounds or infection, in which case you need to visit a doctor to take care of the problem.

Carbon Laser Treatment Price

The cost of carbon laser treatment depends on various factors. What problems you intend to treat is one of the most important factors. After that, the extent of the damage needs to be checked. The size of the complication is also effective in determining the cost. Skin type, age, skin color, the number of required sessions, and the duration of each session are among the other factor that will be effective in determining the cost of the treatment.


Who can benefit from carbon peeling treatment?

Carbon peeling is especially recommended for people with oily skin or people with open pores.

What are the side effects of carbos laser peeling?

Apart from a slight reddening of the skin and a tingling sensation after carbon peeling, there will be no side effects.

What is carbon laser treatment used for?

Cleansing and exfoliation, improving open skin pores, stimulating the skin to produce collagen, and also as an anti-aging treatment.

Final Word

With age, facial skin gradually becomes wrinkled. This is caused by genetic factors, exposure to sunlight, as well as smoking. The formation of these wrinkles is related to changes in the deeper layers of the skin, the weakening of the supporting structures, and the reduction of the collagen level of the skin.

Although the use of topical creams, oral medications, and healthy diet choices can help slow down this process, people with this problem can use various methods to treat their skin and restore its youthfulness. One of the best ways to do so that provides immediate results is through carbos laser treatment.

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