How to Remove Makeup Properly

  • Updated March 13, 2023
  • by Honey Seida
How to Remove Makeup Properly 

Do you know how to remove makeup properly? If you wear makeup most of the time, you must have noticed by now that just by washing your face, your skin is not going to be completely clean. Wash your face as usual. Then, dry your face with a soft and clean cloth. Next, wipe your skin with a cotton pad moistened with a few drops of toner. You can probably still see the rest of your foundation, eye shadow, and even mascara on the pad!

Tips on How to Remove Makeup Properly

Do not let this pad make you think you are necessarily going to need a stronger facial cleanser! Instead, consider learning how remove makeup properly.  

1. Use Makeup Remover Wipes

Gently rub the make-up remover wipes on your skin several times to remove powder cream, lipstick, etc. from it. You feel satisfied when you see what was left of all this on your face on a wet wipe.

We recommend using alcohol-free products to clean your face so that your skin does not dry out. So, first, remove your makeup with a suitable wet wipe. After that, wash and dry your face.

2. Use Gentle Cleansing Gels

Research shows that air pollution increases the likelihood of acne and reduces the skin's ability to retain moisture. So, do not forget to not only remove makeup from your skin every night, but also to clean your skin pores from other impurities by using the best facial cleanser. Washing your face correctly prevents acne, reduces skin inflammation, and helps increase skin health.

Even though washing yourself is considered to be very simple, it can be a bit confusing to find the best face wash for your skin. Face washes are a support for makeup remover. By using them, you can make sure that your skin is cleansed and all the substances that clog the pores of the skin are completely removed.

asap gentle cleansing gel

This gentle cleansing gel is formulated with the purpose of gently and thoroughly cleansing your skin, removing your make-up and excess oil, while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture balance. This gentle cleansing gel contains powerful antioxidants, as well as healing Aloe Vera to calm and soothe all kinds of skin.

3. Use Toner after Removing Your Makeup

Toners are used between the two steps of skin care, namely washing, and moisturizing the skin. In the past, toners were used after washing the skin with alkaline soaps to bring the pH of the skin back to normal. Toners have become more versatile as mild, pH-appropriate detergents have been developed.

Currently, toners are solutions suitable to prepare the pores to absorb serum and moisturizer. Note that this step only takes a minute but helps remove all traces of makeup properly. Dip a cotton pad in a few drops of toner. Gently rub it on your skin. Try to choose a toner that does not dry the skin and keeps it moisturized.

How to Remove Makeup Properly 

4. Do Not Forget the Hair Growth Line

If you want to cover your face well with powder cream, the roots of the hair in front of the head will definitely be covered with it as well. So, do not forget to remove your makeup from this area as well. Depending on how you remove your makeup, your hair may get a little wet, but it is worth it to get your roots thoroughly clean.

5. Pay More Attention to the Skin Around Your Eyes

You must have noticed that eye makeup is difficult to remove. For this reason, there are special cleansers for removing eye makeup that can easily remove even long-lasting or so-called 24-hour eyeliner and mascara. If the cleanser you are using is not suitable for your eye area, choose one of the products that are specially designed to remove eye makeup.

asap gentle eye makeup remover

asap gentle eye makeup remover gently removes all traces of eye makeup without irritation. Enriched with calming and soothing Aloe Vera and cooling Cucumber, it conditions and hydrates, leaving skin soft, supple, and beautifully clean. This special makeup remover is gentle enough for everyday use.

Gently rub a cotton pad dipped in eye makeup remover over your closed eyes. See how quickly all your eye makeup is removed.

6. Do Not Forget to Remove Your Lipstick

Your lipstick may have worn off by the time you go to bed, but that should not make you forget to wipe your lips. Of course, not every cleanser is suitable for use on the lips. It is better to use makeup removers that are special for this purpose to remove long-lasting lipsticks.

You can also use a small amount of Vaseline to remove your lip makeup. Just apply a layer of Vaseline on your lips and wait for about 5 minutes for the lipstick to absorb and then gently remove the Vaseline layer with a cotton pad. Instead of Vaseline, you can use olive oil or coconut oil. Do not forget to use a lip moisturizer after removing the lipstick.

7. Apply Moisturizer

It is especially important to use a moisturizer after using any makeup remover. Do not wait for your skin to dry completely before applying moisturizer. It is best to apply the moisturizer directly on the skin when the skin is wet. In this way, the moisture of your skin will be better preserved.

asap advanced hydrating moisturiser

asap advanced hydrating moisturiser has been scientifically formulated with the aim of rehydrating, moisturising, and smoothing the skin. Regular use helps reduce the visible signs of skin ageing. It contains powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C Phosphate, CoQ10, Green Tea, Noni Fruit, and Ceramide.

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